Monday, February 25, 2013

Nail Care!

Today I wanted to do something a little different, and share with you a few of the products that I like to use to keep my nails healthy! 

First up is Nutra Nail: 5 to 7 Day Growth Aloe formula!

I have used this product for years, if you couldn't tell already, its practically all used up! It is easy to apply and absorbs into the nail quickly. I apply it to naked nails and find they do tend to grow in healthier and faster! I purchased Nutra Nail at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but I am sure it can be found in many drugstores.

Next is my Sephora Glass Nail File!

I love this file because of the case! I broke my other glass nail file because it was just floating around, but I don't have to worry about this one! I love glass files over normal files because they don't wear out and seem to leave my nails smoother!

You can purchase this nail file at Sephora!

Next is Sunny's Miracle Balm in Pink Sugar
If you follow Pretty in Paint on Facebook, I am sure you've heard me talk about this product before. I am actually obsessed with Sunny's cuticle products, especially in Pink Sugar. I love the scent, it actually makes me smile every time I smell it! The balm is great for winter and absorbs well while fully moisturizing.

I also love Sunny's Cuticle Oil! Again in Pink Sugar, because it is my favorite scent, although she has A TON of choices perfect for anyone, I have balms and oils in Zombie Punch, Amber Romance, Cinnamon Spice, Honeydew Melon, Cherry Blossom and Mango Papaya! The Cuticle Oil takes a bit longer to be absorbed, but I don't mind because of the amazing moisturizing power and scent! The rollerball makes application super easy and I think I like it a bit better than the balm just for that reason!

The cuticle balms and oils are available here! (If you don't know what scents to get, I would suggest trying the sampler packs!) 

Another cuticle balm/lotion! I use LUSH Lemony Flutter as well, mostly when I am swatching because, well I have the most of it! I like the coverage it provides without being too heavy, although it does take a bit to absorb fully. I think this balm is a blogger staple and old reliable, but I love the scents 365 Days of Color offers. Lemony Flutter can be purchased at LUSH Stores or online

I also use this buffer block from Bed, Bath and Beyond to smooth out my nails and for cracks in the nails. I think any generic buffer block will do, but this one is of medium coarseness, as I did not like how the coarser blocks left my nails. 

Last, I use the Tweezerman cuticle clipper and pusher. I make sure to moisturize my cuticles before and after using them, but they allow me to remove dead skin and clean up my nail beds! Make sure you do not remove a large portion, as this can lead to bleeding and possible infection. 

There's a quick look at some of my staple products! Id love to know what you use! Let me know below or at Pretty in Paint's Facebook!

*A couple of these products were provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own!* 

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