Monday, February 18, 2013

Bundle Monster 2011 Plate Set!

Today I have a very special review of the Bundle Monster Nail Art Stamping Images 25-Pc 2011 Collection! This plate set contains 25 plates with unique images. This particular post focuses on plate BM-201. I was super excited to get the chance to review these plates, I have always loved the designs that they can allow you to create. 

For the mani shown, I used A-England Princess Tears stamped with Lady of Shallot.

I really love how this design came out for this mani! I think the A-england combo was the perfect match! This was my first time stamping and although I had to redo some nails a couple of times I was overall really happy with the end product. I will warn you that I had to double stamp some nails because of the width of my nailbeds, but I think the particular design allowed for it without much notice.

Above you can see the design on the plate (BM-201). I used stampers from my  Salon Express Kit,  I think the biggest trick to stamping is finding the right polish to stamp with, and knowing the right amount of time to wait before trying to pick up the polish with the stamper. It varies from polish to polish. 

The Bundle Monster plates come packaged in a small plastic baggie, partially seen above. Each plate is covered in a thin blue protective film that you peel off before using. I like this as well because I know which ones I've used and haven't! The plates are of high quality, they seem pretty durable and the designed are well etched.

The entire 25 piece set costs only $21.99 and can be purchased here, from Bundle Monster's Website!

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  1. Great polish combo! I'm glad to hear & see that your first experience stamping went well :)