Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gone Gonzo

 This is a review for OPI's Gone Gonzo from the Muppets Collection. Gone Gonzo is a multisized glitter with smaller blue glitter and large silver glitter. Gone can be purchased here. Click the pictures to enlarge!

1 Coat:

2 Coats:
3 Coats:

On top of Nicole by OPI's It's Up to You:

I love glitter! its my go to for a cute unique mani, and Gone Gonzo provides a gorgeous color. However, I would not use Gone Gonzo by itself, I like using 2 coats as a top coat to spice up a plain mani. I love the color, but the glitter is a little hard to work with to get an even cover, you kind of have to place the larger glitter where you want it because it does not evenly come out of the bottle. Be warned, glitters are also a mess to remove which is why I have been hesitant with swatching the Muppets glitters.

Do you own any of the Muppets Collection? Which colors are your favorite? What is your trick to removing glitter? Comment below, I would love to know!

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  1. I LOVE Gone Gonzo! My hubby bought it for me for Christmas. I also have Meep Meep Meep from the Muppets which is a color I could seriously wear everyday lol.

    I wear Gonzo by itself, but I do put a single coat of China Glaze "Icicles" under it so if there are any blank spots it's just silver and makes it look like it's part of the Gonzo glitter.

    Acetone remover wrapped on your finger with foil for 10 minutes and even the toughest glitter (like three coats of Gonzo) melts away

  2. I love the ideas Kelly! Gone Gonzo is one of my favorite but I like meep meep meep too!! I might have to try a silver underneath now just to see, and if you do that(or any other) mani soon you should post it on my facebook!

  3. LOVE the blue sparkle! 100% acetone is my glitter-getter-offer, but I do hate how it dries out my skin and cuticles :-(.

  4. I dont actually own pure acetone but I heard it works wonders! make sure you use cuticle oil though :)