Friday, March 23, 2012

Fast Track

I have already told you about my LOVE of the Hunger Games, if you don't know already, please just go out now and buy the books. I have read the trilogy now and was completely blown away..I don't read that much but I was captivated by the books and couldn't put them down. I am super-excited for the movie that comes out TODAY! March 23 and will be seeing it soon. 

Today's review is for China Glaze's Fast Track from the Capital Colors (Hunger Games) Collection.  Fast Track is a beautiful light nude/tan/gold with a amazing gold/yellow shimmer. Fast Track is designed for District 6, Transportation (I don't exactly see the link there, but hey I think the color is gorgeous so I am definitely not complaining!)

Check out that shimmer!

Fast Track is amazing! I was afraid that it would be too sheer, but in 1-2 Coats, Fast Track was opaque. I loved the formula and could not stop staring at my nails. I am not normally one for a nude color, but I think Fast Track is a gorgeous, modern color. I got so many compliments on Fast Track. Fast Track  is a simple color but it has a subtle bite with the shimmer! I warn you though clean-up is a bit tricky, not too bad like a glitter, but my fingers and hands did end up a bit shimmery after! I have been a bit obsessed with China Glaze lately, their formula is impressive and I've yet to be disappointed by the polishes I have picked up!

Do you own Fast Track? Or any other polishes from the Capitol Colors Collection? Let me know what you think of them below, or post and picture and comment on Pretty in Paint's Facebook.
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