Monday, September 17, 2012

butter LONDON Lippys!

I greatly apologize for the lack of posting, I am afraid it will be this way over the next few months, I hope to at least post once or twice a week though. Today's post is the new butter LONDON Lippy collection! The collection consists of 5 new Lippys: Toff, Come to Bed Red, Tea with the Queen, La Moss and Queen Vic

*Picture provided by butter LONDON*
Queen Vic
Coat 1:
Coat 2:

Queen Vic is described as "A stunning, elegant and classy lacquer. Red wine meets cranberry. Nail lacquer fit for a queen." Queen Vic is a gorgeous cranberry, wine creme. It is an extremely elegant lacquer and covered in 2 coats. I love the soft, yet regal feel Queen Vic has.

Tea with the Queen
Coat 1:
Coat 2:
Coat 3:

Tea with the Queen is described as "On the pink side of tan, very neutral, but never boring tan nail lacquer. Understated and exceptional for work, or obviously, tea with the Queen." Tea with the Queen is a subtle nude creme. Nudes are very popular, and although I am not a big fan, I do not mind this shade. It is simple and perfect for work. I used 3 coats for full coverage.

Coat 1:
Coat 2:

Toff is described as "A darker, dustier, brownish variation on a rose pink nail lacquer. Stop to smell them. The roses, not the toffs." Toff is for of a darker pink lavender creme to me, but a beautiful shade nonetheless. I really love the soft,girly feel of this polish! I used 2 smooth coats for full opacity.

La Moss
Coat 1:

La Moss is described as "A vampy deep, dark red nail lacquer full of red wine, just like its inspiration" La Moss is a deep red, with an interesting effect that is not a creme or jelly. I am not a fan of vampy reds, and felt there was a bit of staining with La Moss, even after a short period of wear. I used 2 coats for decent opacity, although an extra coat may have been needed.

Come To Bed Red
Coat 1:

Come to Bed Red is described as "The sexiest red nail lacquer in history, by butter LONDON. A butter best-seller for “Coco” wannabes."  Come to Bed Red is your quintessential red creme. I have said before I am not a fan of red, but Come to Bed Red has a great formula, I only needed 2 coats for full opacity and there was no pooling in the cuticles like I am used to with most reds.  I would definitely suggest Come to Bed Red to anyone who loves reds or needs the perfect red for their collection.

Lippy Swatches!
L to R: Come to Bed Red, Queen Vic, Toff, Tea with the Queen
The Lippy formula drastically improved from last time! I love the new cupcake smell and the formula is less sticky. I use Tea with the Queen practically daily! I am so happy that butter LONDON worked on the formula and cannot wait to see what other Lippys they make in the future!

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*These products were provided by butter LONDON for review. All opinions are my own*

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