Sunday, January 8, 2012

Versatile Blogger!

Nominated by MakeupChicLiteraryGeek (check out her blog here)

The rules are: 

1.) List 7 things about yourself 
2.) Pass it along to 15 nail bloggers

1) Since I can remember I have had the habit of biting my nails. I paint them to try to get myself to stop, but mostly when I'm stressed out I will still bite them :( I've tried telling people to hit me when they see it, bad tasting nail polish, everything but the stress gets to me!

2) I am a psychology major with 2 minors, one in biology and one in fine arts

3) I have always loved dancing, I took dance classes from the age of 3 until I graduated high school. Ballet, Tap, Pointe and Modern :)

4) I love painting and drawing, I had my first encounter with oil paints the past year and I hated them! but got used to it, although I still love acrylic more(and I can use them for nail art!)

5) I learned how to do eye makeup my Junior year in high school from youtube videos (and now i get complimented all the time on blending!)

6) I love taking pictures and just got a Nikon D3100, that I barely know how to use (which is why the colors of swatches vary sometimes) I hope to be able to learn photography

7) I love a lot of the nail polish blogging community, even though I only started this week, I have met some wonderful women and I can't wait to meet even more, collaborate and learn from everyone!

15 Nail Bloggers

Let me know what you think!

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