Tuesday, January 10, 2012


 This is a review for Zoya's Julieanne. Julieanne is originally from the Wicked collection and is described by Zoya as a "Unique purple sparkles with gold, peach and yellow-green duochrome in a dark blue-purple base." Julieanne has a dark purple base filled with large flecks of gold, a red and more. I posted light and shade pictures to provide a better array of the color. Julieanne can be purchased here.

Coat 1:

  Coat 2:

Look at those flecks!
Julieanne is a gorgeous purple, I love the shimmer. The shimmer did see more red then Zoya describes but it is still gorgeous. I think this color is definitely a winner, clean-up is a bit trickier than with other shimmers, but well worth it. Coverage in 2 smooth coats

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