Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Manicure of the Day!

Today's look was requested by Veronica F. This music note manicure features Nicole by OPI's Positive Energy (original review here). The black is acrylic paint. 

First, apply a basecoat and let dry. Then apply a coat(or 2) of Positive Energy and let dry.

Next using a dotting tool, toothpick, (or a mechanical pencil with a little lead sticking out) create a medium sized dot. 

Next, create more dots, randomly spread out on the nail, make sure to leave room for the tails. I would start with 3 or 4.

Add the tails, you can do this with a toothpick or mechanical pencil dipped in the paint, as well as nail polish pens or brushes.I would suggest having them face in different directions, also create a variety of different notes.

Once you make all the tails, fill in any larger gaps with cut off dots or tails, fill in the edges around the nail this way to create a more finished look.

The final product should look something like this. You can finish off with a topcoat, or apply a glitter (I used Nicole By OPI Imagine If) and then topcoat. I will show you both results.
No Glitter:

With Glitter: 

Please let me know what you think! Please leave a comment! Hope you like it Veronica! If you want to request a look, either leave a comment on the blog, facebook or tweet me!

Check out http://nicolebyopi.com/ for their blog posts and full list of products.
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  1. This mani is so cute! I love it!

  2. Thanks! It was a request, so if you want to request anything feel free!