Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Royal Velvet

Today's review is Orly's Royal Velvet, from the Precious collection. Royal Velvet is a purple-navy with an aqua duo-chrome shimmer. It can be purchased here. You can click the pictures to enlarge them!

Coat 1:

Coat 2:

Check out that Duo-chrome!

The second coat makes Royal Velvet more of a navy than purple, but there is still a hint of purple. I adore this color, something about duo-chromes fascinate me. The formula was amazing and had full coverage in 2 coats, I am so happy I found this on sale at ULTA!


  1. This is on my wishlist...very pretty! Found your blog through Love For Lacquer btw :)

  2. :) You should try ulta! I found this in clearance last week, I am so happy I did!