Monday, March 25, 2013

Zoya PixieDust Collection!

Today I have the Zoya PixieDust Collection for review! The collection is described by Zoya  as follows 

"Zoya PixieDust
Infused with Magic and Wonder!
Featuring the latest “must-have” nail polish finish – Textured, Matte & Sparkling.
This newly developed formula is sure to captivate with a magical sparkle and sugary finish like no other. The color experts at Zoya have created six, long-wearing stunners for the introduction of this look...

Dahlia (ZP656) - Black Beauty sparkle, exclusive Zoya PixieDust Matte Sparkle formula.
Chyna (ZP657) - Red Dazzle sparkle, exclusive Zoya PixieDust Matte Sparkle formula.
Godiva (ZP658) - Soft Nude sparkle, exclusive Zoya PixieDust Matte Sparkle formula.
Vespa (ZP659) - Mint Kiss sparkle, exclusive Zoya PixieDust Matte Sparkle formula.
Nyx (ZP660) - Perfect Periwinkle sparkle, exclusive Zoya PixieDust Matte Sparkle formula.
London (ZP661) - Fog Gray sparkle, exclusive Zoya PixieDust Matte Sparkle formula. "

Coat 1:
 Coat 2:

Vespa is a gorgeous wintry mint green with a matte sparkle. All of the PixieDust polishes have the same matte texture with sparkle! I used 2 coats for full opacity. I was expecting the polishes to be difficult to work with, but I had no issues with any of the polishes. The formula was pretty much the same for all of the PixieDust polishes, they applied evenly and were opaque after 2 coats.
I liked the color of Vespa, the shade is a unique color that I think can work for many different seasons, winter fall and spring!

Coat 1:
 Coat 2:

Nyx is a gorgeous periwinkle with a blueish hue. I am a big fan of Nyx, the color is delicate and feminine but  not too soft, it still makes a statement!

Coat 1:
 Coat 2:
London is a medium gray color, not too overpowering. I am always a fan of grays and London is not an exception. I used London for this mani of the day! I really think London can be versatile especially with topcoat. 

Coat 1:
 Coat 2:

Dahlia is a strong black with a powerful sparkle! Dahlia is a bit too overpowering for me, but I know some other people could definitely rock this! 

Coat 1:

 Coat 2:

I love the softness of Godiva, a sandy nude with the gorgeous PixieDust sparkle! I think Godiva can be worn year round, and is a spicier take on a normal nude polish. Godiva reminds me a beach sand and could definitely be used for some fun summer nailart!

Coat 1:
 Coat 2:

Chyna stands out to me, the glitter is a bit different from the rest of the PixieDust polishes and reminds me of Dorothy's Slipper's from the Wizard of Oz! I am not normally a fan of reds, but there is something spectacular about Chyna and I get the feeling I will be using this polish to spice up a few manis!

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised by the PixieDust Collection! I was worried about the texture look, but I love the way these babies sparkle! I also love how they look with a few coats of topcoat! I cannot wait for the summer PixieDust Collection and hope they have the same gorgeous formula!

Ultra long-wearing, nail lacquers by Zoya are BIG5FREE - all formulas are completely free of harmful industrial chemicals such as toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) that are known to cause cancer and birth defects.

Zoya PixieDust retail for $9 and can be purchased at Ulta or on Zoya's Website.

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*These products were provided by Zoya for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

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