Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jessica Cosmetics Flash Fusion 2.5.2

Today I have the Jessica Cosmetics Flash Fusion Self-Curing Gel Colour system! The system usings a primer, colour activator, brush cleaner and flash-off remover. This review is of the gorgeous pink Express, one of the 6 polishes of  the system. The system also includes replacement brushes, and a dappen dish. 


Application is a bit complicated, but not too bad! First you have to make sure your nails are super clean, no polish residue, oils or basecoats. Start with a coat of the primer, and before it is dry, apply a thin coat of the Colour Activator (Express). Repeat this process until desired coverage is reached. The last coat is a coat of primer that is allowed to dry fully. 

My nails looked super shiny and did not show tip wear. However, I did have some major chips on a nail or two after a day or two, but I do a decent amount with my hands and have been known to bite them! I was overall incredibly impressed with the system and hope they come out with different polishes, I would be interested in a shimmer polish, although the creme are still beautiful! Also, the polish dried SUPER fast, and came off easily with the remover that was provided, you cannot use normal remover, and avoid picking off the polish, it is terrible for the health of your nails! I loved the quickness of the system, and have used it multiple times!

Would you try this self-curing system? No UV or LED light needed! Let me know below or on Pretty in Paint's Facebook!

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*These products were provided by Jessica Cosmetics for review. All opinions are my own*


  1. I would be up.for Concerns me about.the.chips. To me it is why you want gel. Durability. And if paperwork...filing..etc does it that a.HUGE negative for me.

    1. Im considering trying a second coat of primer and wrapping the tips a bit (Ive always been terrible at that) and I think it would help. I didnt notice major chipping, but I would occasionally ding up one nail, nothing terrible, but for OCD me it meant a new coat of polish!

  2. it s not made for hands,because we wash our hands many times during the day

  3. This product is not made for hand nails!!!

  4. This product is not made for hand nails!!!