Monday, August 6, 2012

F4 Polishes!

I am thrilled to bring you these amazing F4 Polishes! Thanks to YOU! I won these babies through a Facebook referral contest and am super excited to have them! F4 Polish is "handmade Nail Polish designed by three sisters!!!" I am reviewing F4 Polishes:  Ice Cold, Bubble Yum, Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Cherry and S'mores! I layered most of these polishes to show you how you have a ton of different options! 

Bubble Yum
Coat 1 Alone:
Coat 1 Layered:
Coat 2 Layered:
Bubble Yum is a mix of larger white hexagon glitter, small pink and white hexagon glitter, and tiny white and darker pink circular glitter. I LOVE this glitter combo! I would probably choose to layer it over a different color, maybe something darker or even a black for a different look! I like how 2 coats layered looks, and I didn't have to fish out glitter to achieve the coverage I wanted

Chocolate Cherry
Coat 1 Alone:
Coat 2 Layered:
Chocolate Cherry is a gorgeous pink brown microglitter mix. This glitter is super fine! The light pink glitter is a lot more noticeable on darker shades of polish. I don't particularly love the color combo I layered it with, but I will have to experiment to figure out something that works the best. I layered 2 coats of Chocolate Cherry for this look. The formula was pretty smooth and packed with glitter.

Ice Cold
Coat 1 Layered Over Zoya Breezi:
Coat 2 Layered:
Coat 3 Layered:
Ice Cold is a lovely mix of teal hexagon glitter and smaller circular white glitter. I love love love LOVE this glitter mix! Aqua is my favorite color and this cool mix works perfectly over a variety of turquoise and blue shades that I have. I have a feeling it would look amazing with a bunch of other colors too! The formula was a bit thick, you can see the glitter is a bit uneven after 2 coats, but I still love the glitter combo!

Mint Chocolate Chip
Coat 1:
Coat 2:
Mint Chocolate Chip is mint cream packed with fine chocolate glitter. The formula was not completely smooth but covered fully in 2 coats. I love this combo and the ice cream!

Coat 1 Alone:
Coat 1 Layered over Opi DS Classic:
Coat 2 Layered:

S'mores is a fun combo of different sized white and brown hexagon and circular glitter. I really love this polish and layered it over a super sparkly holographic polish for even more shine! I love how the tan brown and white play off each other! S'mores had a great formula and I used 2 coats for the look above.

I love the creativity and fun of these polishes, f4 polish definitely knows what they're doing! I am thrilled to own these beauties and can't wait to see what other fun polishes they come up with! Although the formula varied from polish to polish, overall, I was satisfied and would definitely make future purchases. 

Check out F4 Polish on Facebook and check out their Etsy shop!

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