Thursday, June 7, 2012

China Glaze Summer Neons

Today's review is for the China Glaze Summer Neons! I have a select few from the collection, it is a gorgeous collection full of shimmery neons and a few jellies! Neons are HOT right now, and China Glaze is bringing something a little different to the summer party with a shimmery neons instead of the normal matte finish! Check out some beautiful colors and swatches later on in the post!

"The sun has nothing on you this summer!  Rival its brightness and heat with China Glaze® Summer 2012 collection, Summer Neons.  Featuring 12 new sizzling shades perfect for surf, sand and nightlife, the all new hot hues in China Glaze® Summer Neons include:

Pink Plumeria: Light pink with gold shimmer
Under the Boardwalk: Fluorescent raspberry
Splish Splash: Bright sky blue shimmer
Love’s A Beach: Sizzling hot pink
Hang-Ten Toes: Bubblegum neon with iridescent purple shimmer
Beach Cruise-r: Glimmering fuchsia grape
Orange You Hot?: Bright orange with attention-grabbing gold glimmer
Surfin’ For Boys: Glistening bright coral
Flirty Tankini: Shimmery strawberry smoothie pink
Ride the Waves: Dark ocean blue
I’m With the Lifeguard: Glimmering lime green
Sun-Kissed: Hot highlighter yellow"

Flirty Tankini

One Coat:
Two Coats:

Flirty Tankini is described as a "Shimmery strawberry smoothie pink", I think Flirty Tankini has a bit of a coral hue to it, a shimmery pink but not necessarily a "strawberry pink." Flirty Tankini had a pretty great formula, it was fully opaque after 2 coats, but there was some pooling at the cuticles.

Hang-Ten Toes
 One Coat:
 Two Coats:
Hang-Ten Toes is described by China Glaze as a "Bubblegum neon with iridescent purple shimmer" and I think this is a pretty accurate description. Hang-Ten Toes is a bright bubblegum pink with a purple shimmer. Hang-Ten Toes fully covered in 2 coats and as the picture shows, there was some pooling because of the formula, but the formula was still pretty great.

One Coat:

Splish-Splash is described as a "Bright sky blue shimmer" although I think Splish-Splash is a darker medium blue with a beautiful shimmer, not quite a sky blue, but beautiful nonetheless. Splish-Splash was fully opaque in 1 coat, Splish-Splash had a GREAT formula, and it did not pool in my cuticles at all!

Under the Boardwalk
One Coat:

 Two Coats:

Under the Boardwalk is described as a "Fluorescent raspberry," although I see Under the Boardwalk as more of a pinkish fuchsia jelly. Under the Boardwalk was mostly opaque in 2 coats, I say mostly because Under the Boardwalk is a jelly, meaning the finish is not as creamy and is more see-through, more "jelly like."

Love's A Beach
One Coat:
 Two Coats:

Love's A Beach is described as a "Sizzling hot pink" which is PERFECT for Love's A Beach. Love's A Beach is one of my favorites out of the polishes I have from this collection, its a gorgeous hot pink with a beautiful shimmer, I use the term "Barbie Pink" a lot, but this is another polish that I think fits that description. A GORGEOUS color, perfect for those hot summer days that covers in 2 coats with a great formula, I didn't really NEED the second coat, but wanted to just make sure there was a fully even coat.

Ride the Waves
One Coat:

Ride the Waves is described as a " Dark ocean blue" which is decently accurate, I think Ride the Waves is a jelly version of Splish-Splash minus the shimmer, but there is a slight more teal hue to Ride the Waves which was difficult to capture on my camera. Ride the Waves was mostly opaque in 2 coats, as a jelly like Under the Boardwalk, Ride the Waves does not get fully opaque and you can still see the nail line, but thats part of the jelly finish. Ride the Waves was one of my other favorites of this collection, I don't own many jellies, but I love the finish on Ride the Waves and the rich color that is fun for summer!

I think the China Glaze Summer Neon Collection is a gorgeous collection, China Glaze polishes always have an amazing formula and great color choices, so I hope to pick up some other polishes, I really am interested in Orange You Hot?, for someone thats not a giant fan of orange, it grabs my attention and drags me in! I MUST have it!

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*SOME but not all, of these products were provided by PR for review. All opinions are my own*


  1. I like this collection. I can't wait to get my hands on them, er.... get them on my hands ;)