Thursday, June 6, 2013

Manicure of the Day: Zoya Ikat Nails!

Today I have a Mani of the Day using Zoya Micky and Darcy from the Stunning Collection! I used black and white acrylic paint as well to create the design! Ikat nails have been seen all over the Internet and I figured it was my time to give it a try!

First I used 2-3 coats of Micky and let dry. The drying time for Micky isn't as great as Zoya's usually is, but it isn't horrendous by any means. Next I used black acrylic paint and nail art brushes to create the black abstract shapes. I let the paint dry and then used white acrylic paint to make a sort of oval shape(but slightly feathered edges). Let the white dry and then I used the nail art brushes to apply Darcy. After Darcy dried I finished the design with an inner oval of black acrylic paint. I sealed with a clear topcoat (I've been using an old Revlon quick dry topcoat lately as its been laying around!)

I was always nervous about Ikat nails (something about them reminds me of scary looking eyes!) but once the design was on my nails I actually really liked it! These two Zoya Stunning Polishes (Darcy and Micky) were perfect for a summer look!

You can buy the Stunning Collection Here!

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  1. Great design. I need to try this!

  2. Love!! That's a perfect color combination too.

  3. Love this pattern. I have a shirt that's eerily similar!!

  4. So pretty! Did it take a long time to paint?

  5. WOW...just wow. <--mind blown.

    You did such a great job..these look like stickers because you nailed the pattern!

    1. you are too sweet! thank you so much!