Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baby Tears

Today's review is for Priti NYC's Baby Tears. Baby Tears is from the Summer 2011 Collection. Baby Tears is a "bright khaki green," to me Baby Tears is more of a creme olive green. Baby Tears can be purchased here

Coat 1:

Coat 2:
 Coat 3:

Baby Tears is a gorgeous color! I have been looking for a olive green creme and Priti NYC definitely is what I have been looking for! I did find the formula to be decently watery, and 3 coats were needed. I would wait between coats, or else you will have issue with application. Overall I found Baby Tears to be a pretty creme, but it is not a completely normal creme, there is almost a texture to it, which I like. 

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*This product was provided by Priti NYC for review. All opinions are my own*


  1. Oh this is gorgeous!! :D I love the bottle, too! :D

    1. It is a gorgeous color! and the design on the bottle is cute!

  2. Whoa! What an awesome army green! ;)

  3. Thats an awesome green! I agree - I dont see the Khaki green part. Btw...I have nominated you for an award ♥