Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rainbow Honey: The Summer of 199X Review

Today I have part the Rainbow Honey Summer of 199X Collection: Tiny Ruby, Lumine Bell and Pink Cloud!

According to Rainbow Honey "
Summer of 199X featuring 10 new colors inspired by the 1995 SNES hit, Earthbound. 
“Another video game that holds a special place in my heart! I wanted this collection to bring me back into the game, and I think each new lacquer takes me to a special moment or reminds me of a certain boss that resulted in one too many Game Over’s...Part I is made up of 5 new glitterbombs bursting with shimmer and color - they all layer to opacity but can be used over other colors as well. Part II is 3 new shimmer-dusted cremes and 2 new glitter toppers that give each creme a bold or sweet look. I am so excited to add these all to our lineup!” – Dee" (From
This collection is full of some gorgeous glitters and cremes! and I am super excited to show you these three polishes!
Pink Cloud
Coat 1:
Coat 2:
Coat 3:
Pink Cloud is described as "a hot pink jelly with holographic glitters and iridescent shimmer - perfect to meditate on and Carrot Key not needed!" Pink Cloud has a color that reminds me of pink lemonade! with red and silver glitter and a gorgeous shimmer! I used 3 coats for full coverage, the formula was a bit thin but 3 coats allowed for full coverage.

Tiny Ruby
Coat 1:
Coat 2:
Tiny Ruby is described as "a shimmering ruby jelly, is filled with holographic glitters, glistening flecks, and the rarest jewels of Dalaam." I love!!!! Tiny Ruby which reminds me of Dorothy's slippers from Wizard of Oz! I am not normally a fan of reds but the shimmer and glitter in this is spectacular. I used 2 coats for full coverage and had no issues with the formula.

Lumine Hall
Coat 1:
Coat 2:

"Lumine Hall is a dark indigo jelly glistening with the iridescent glitters and shimmers of your deepest thoughts..." Lumine Hall is a gorgeous deep blue with square blue glitter and shimmer. I used 2 coats for full coverage. I didn't have many issues with the formula, it was not as smooth as Tiny Ruby but still was workable and covered fully.

 I am a bit late with this review, but I still feel like the polishes can be worn in the Fall and should be! Do not pass up on these gorgeous polishes. Rainbow Honey is a special brand, and creates some pretty special polishes, I can't wait to see what else they will come up with next!

"custom blended nail lacquers by Rainbow Honey big 3 free - vegan - never tested on animals!"

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