Monday, May 28, 2012

365 Days of Color's Mint Chip!

Today I have a very special polish, 365 Days of Color's Mint Chip from her Candy Shoppe Collection. Mint Chip is a gorgeous very light mint green with small black square glitter. The consistency of the polish is interesting, its somewhere between a jelly and a creme, but thats because it was made to be that way for everyones preference. Onto the swatches because this gorgeous polish can definitely speak for itself!
From Flickr
One Coat:
 Two Coats:

 Three Coats:

The "mint" in this Mint Chip is very subtle, which is what I meant be very light pale mint green, the polish is practically white in some lights, but that doesn't mean I don't still LOVE this color, the subtle mint green is a beautiful shade. I think Mint Chip is a unique polish, the bottle is packed full of glitter, which is nice because the small mini bottle makes it hard for all the glitter to come out. The glitter did settle, but after rolling it a bit some moved around and I did not have too much trouble getting polish packed with glitter onto the nail. I think 365 Days of Color has an amazing polish here and I am going to need a full size bottle, it is absolutely stunning! Full coverage in 3 coats for a creme finish, 2 coats for a jelly finish. You definitely should check out Mint Chip and the other polishes in the Candy Shoppe Collection!

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You can order 365 Days of Color Polishes here! Check out 365 Days of Color's blog for swatches and more!

*This product was provided by 365 Days of Color for review, all opinions are my own*

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